Past Experience / Turkmen Turba Pipe Manufacturing Facility

Function: Manufacturing of sanitary water, sewer water, natural gas, drip irrigation, hose, steel wire reinforced thermoplast pipe and fittings with miscellaneous types and diameters.

Construction Program: Turn -- key construction of the facility including manufacturing buildings, in which manufacturing of CTP, PE, PPRC PP pipe and fitting parts, offices, laboratories, training buildings, open — and indoor storage areas, refectory, changing rooms, workshops, fire department building, weigh — bridge, open water depot, loading and unloading areas with railway connections, supply, assembly and commissioning of process machines

Technology: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Pipe (CTP) continuous filament winding system pipe manufacturing line, pipe and coupling hydrostatic testing machines, coupling manufacturing section, CTP fitting manufacturing section, CTP raw material (resin, sand, fiber) storage, transfer and dosing systems, pipe drip handling and transfer systems, PE, Plr, PP waste water, PVC hose, Drip irrigation and SWRTP (Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) extrusion lines, full automatic raw material storage, handling, drying and dosing systems, packaging, belling and recycling systen¬thermoplastic pipe fitting parts injection molds, injection machines, metal processing line for SWRTP parts, supplying of electro fission weld technology and machines, technology transfer, product designs, trainings, operating and procurement of raw material.

Mechanical: Installation of all heating, cooling, ventilatior compressed air, water and foam fire extinguishing systems related to manufacturing hails of CTP and Thermoplastic pipe and additional parts. Heating center with a capacity of 3,5 MW. HVAC system automation. Process cooling, filtering, ventilation systems.

Electrical: Inner and outer illumination, weak current middle voltage and low voltage systems, fire alarm, process automation.

Environmental Design: Forestation, sodding, automated irrigation, car park, storage areas.

Area: 176.875 m2

Construction Area: 28.342 m2

Irrigation Area: 53.000 m2

Date of the Contract: 2004

Completion Date: 2006

A: Üsküp St. 58/1, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
T: + 90 (312) 473 52 60
F: + 90 (312) 473 54 14

Ashgabad Office
A: Bitarap Türkmenistan şayoly, 91/1, Asghabat, Turkmenistan
T: +993 219131 - 41
F: +993 (12) 51 04 83