Past Experience / Atmospheric Controlled Cold Storage

Function: Atmospheric controlled cold storage with a capacity of 1.000 tons.

Construction Program: Fruit classification section, quick — freezing section, storage section, construction of management and service units, fruit classification and storage systems.

Technology: Controlled atmosphere system, storage and stowing systems, quick — freezing systems, fruit length and sorting systems, technology transfer about gas generators, installation, training and operating.

Mechanical: Control of the computer supported atmosphere conditions (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity) in the fruit storage section, heating, cooling and ventilation,sanitary and waste water systems.

Electrical: Inner, outer and side illumination, automation, fire alarm, low voltage system, transformer, generator.

Environmental Design: Forestation, sodding, automated irrigation, roads, service and spare — time areas.

Land Space: 24.160 m2

Construction Space: 3.003 m2

Date of the Contract: 2003

Completion Date: 2004

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