Past Experience / Fruit Hacienda And Irrigation

Function: Pilot application for fruit breeding in Turkmenistan.

Works Realized: Hacienda of fruits with soft seeds (apple,pear) and hard seeds (peach, apricot) including their sub-kinds, maintenance and breeding with modern agricultural technologies, irrigation by automated drip irrigation systems, soil improvement for hacing the land, on which hacienda shall be performed, ready for fruit breeding, termination of pests, conditioning the watering water, pump stations, construction of closed and open water depots.

Seedling Planted: 60.000 pieces total, from Italy in special conditions.

Mechanical: Realizing drip irrigation, supply of required agricultural vehicles.

Electrical: Low voltage, field illumination.

Environmental Design: Roads, car parks for agricultural vehicles, enclosure wall

Area: 1. Section: 550.500 m2
2. Section: 49.000 m2
3. Section: 86.000 m2

Construction Area: 1.500 m2

Date of the Contract: 2000

Completion Date: 2003

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Ashgabad Office
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